We provide a product design service that delivers effective design solutions in multiple market sectors, with valuable experience in delivering consumer products to market.  

Our background in consumer product design allows us to design products that not only look fantastic but can actually be made. Years of product design and engineering experience with some of the largest brands in the consumer product sector aid our services in idea generation, user interaction, concept development, detail design and design for manufacture. 


At GLD we don’t charge ridiculous fees, we keep things simple and jargon free by delivering beautiful designs at value for money versus our competitors. 


At the forefront of our desire to design great products, we at GLD will always strive to deliver our clients pure design quality with a value for money service.


Our streamlined process allows us to deliver a high quality product design service quickly and effectively. 

We provide our work based on 4 simple stages, idea generation, concept development, visualisation and detail design. This keeps the product design process simple and easy to understand for our clients.



Experience shows that a fresh set of eyes on a design challenge can provide some of the best solutions. 


At GLD we have perfected our idea generation techniques to truly digest and focus on the problems and deliver the best outcome. We immerse ourselves into research to build a clear picture of the product environment, its use and effect on the users...



At GLD we pride ourselves in the quality of our conceptual work. We use the latest in illustrative, CAD and rendering software to produce designs that provide our clients with the visuals that identify shape, form colour, finishes and materials. 



We have experience in creating strong and lasting visual brand identities, the neat distinctive features that allow you to recognise a brand instantly, and we strive to be in touch with future trends...



The details such as ensuring split lines don’t run on cosmetic surfaces, parts are drafted effectively, no nasty sink or sharp edges for the user to feel... our expertise particularly in plastic and injection moulding, make sure your designs still look beautiful when they become products. 



We use the latest CAD software to create fully detailed 3D models that can then be used for cosmetic or working prototypes and tooling for manufacture... 





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